Rebecca Hope Terry

Rebecca Hope Terry writes from the inside out, is contrary in nature is a seeker of truth and lies. When not writing, she is sculpting, or you may find her running through the wilds of Dundas Valley, digging up roots and foraging for mushrooms. She currently shares her time between Toronto, Dundas and Chatham, Ontario.

Her first piece of public writing was a  dance review in Vancouver in 1991.


Her one woman show, which she wrote and performed in, was produced by the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland and co produced by Volcano Theatre Company.

Her work has been published by Feels zine.

She is currently editing her memoir and writes poetry daily.

Her performance has been described as “Both majestic and vulnerable”– Deidre Kelly, The Globe and Mail, 1995

A versatile and respected artist throughout Canada, she has performed in over 100 theatres internationally, with many Canadian choreographers in Toronto and Vancouver. Her own creations have been presented throughout Canada, Britain and Scotland. She is the recipient of numerous Arts Council awards, including Dora nominations for best performance.

"Terry can, however, claim a lifetime membership among a select group of performers with a natural gift for transmitting emotional sincerity and vulnerability." --Kamal Al-Solaylee, The Globe and Mail, Oct. 1, 2003



Photographs by Taras Kovaliv

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