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"Wonder" is a sculpture depicting an expressive optimistic woman, a portrait study of wonder.

This sculpture is hand carved in Chavant clay. I created a silicone mold, with a plaster mother mold. I then cast it in a high quality hard plaster, called Hydrocal, a reinforced gypsum white cement. The cast is then finely detailed and honed by hand to bring out the fine features then finished with a wax giving it a luminescent quality. There are options available for colour and finish. I can also cast in bronze.

Each piece will be numbered and signed as it's own original piece and cast at the time of order.

The base is a stained and lacquered Pine or Spruce. The base can also match the sculpture itself, gypsum plaster, painted or waxed. The bust is very strong and can be wiped with a damp cloth.

The final piece is shipped in a professional art crate or hand delivered. FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN CANADA


SIZE: 9 inches plus height of base, a total of 12+ inches.

MATERIALS: Gypsum cement, acrylic paint, wax, wood. Can be cast in bronze.


COLOURS: Natural with wax finish, or a variety of colours and finishes.


PEDESTAL: Wood, reinforced gypsum or granite.


This is hand made one of a kind piece of artwork that can be an heirloom of special value. Each piece is completely handmade, distinctive and one of a kind. Buy purchasing one of my sculptures, you are making a positive impact on my life, by supporting me as a working artist.

Contact for purchase and inquires:

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