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Selected published pieces:

Andrea Gunnlaugson Obituary Dance Collection Dance, November (print) 2023

Older and Still Reckless. Narrative non-fiction. Dance International Magazine (online)

February 2023

A dancer's conundrum of needing glasses. Narrative non-fiction. Dance International Magazine (online) August 2021

Training Narrative non-fiction. Pure Slush (print) Growing Up Anthology April 2021

Judge Narrative non-fiction. Eclipse Lit. (print) Issue 1 May 2021

Trauma! The Musical.  Poem. Feels Magazine (print) Issue 13, Anxiety. (2021)

Mom in a Jar. Narrative non-fiction.  Feels magazine (print) Issue 10, (2020) Euology.

Weather  Theatre. A One woman show, produced by the Traverse Theatre  Edinburgh, as part of the International Fringe Festival, 2002. Co produced by Volcano Theatre Company, British tour and Toronto run at The Factory Theatre, 2003


     "Weather demonstrates that sometimes a happy, smiling face covers a darker psyche. This is a message that needs to be heard and is presented with great simplicity." -Philip Fisher, The British Theatre Guide.

     "Not since Nicole Kidman did for her husband in the film To Die For, have the neurotics of a TV weather girl been so strangely compelling." -Sarah Barrell, The Independent

      " ... sharp, refreshing edge of emotional honesty... full of charm and compassion... straight from the heart." -Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

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